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Feeding African Black Desire
Feeding African Black DesireDanjuma Ndausi is from Nigeria his age is now 47. His physique is thick set and solid naturally strong as if he'd received a massive dose of testosterone when growing up, his voice is slow and deep almost like a dull growl. His nostrils are wide and flared, his lips thick. He's spent the past 30yrs living in a society where Homosexuality is hidden if not invisible. This is his story, a story off how he move to England in search of what had been burning inside of him for thirty years, the prospect of fucking white boi's. When he was 17 he caught glimpse of a young white guy swimming in his bosses pool. The boi was on a visit from Germany, the bosses nephew. The young white guy stood with professional young preteen lolitas
his back to Danjuma his white shorts wet through, the transparent material sticking to his perfect smooth ass. It seemed like the purest thing Danjuma had ever seen, untouched and beautiful. Danjuma starred transfixed by this smooth white boys firm pert ass, his blond hair shining as the hot midday sun beat down. Although he had fucked lots of black guys never before had he seen something he wanted so badly. He felt that although this vision was in front of him he may as model nn teen lolita
well have been on the moon. This was out of bounds to him. His society had strict rules and a black servant fucking the virgin white ass belonging to his bosses nephew wasn't one he could break. For weeks after he would lay on his bed and shoot cum onto himself wishing the white guy was his. His first sexual lolitas porn bbs young experience's were with guys in his part of town, often horse play would get frisky and they would end up masturbating together. This happened on lots of occasions amongst his group of Friends. It was understood that no one would ever speak of this. It released sexual tension which was very powerful amongst groups of black teens. Most would go on to marry and just dabble with ass when there wives were on. Danjuma had gone lolitas porn bbs young on with his feelings for wanting mans ass holes and he would regularly fuck guys, he was older now and must have fucked hundreds of guys in his neighbourhood he was known for being a rough fucker holding guys down to fuck deeper and deeper. As the years went by he built up kind of scrap book, pictures he had collected from magazines and news papers, all cute white guys footballers and sportsmen. A decision was overdue it was now or never, his Aunt had left a few hundred Dollars in her will. This was it moving to Great Britain. He would become an illegal immigrant, in the process follow his dream.On the aircraft he noticed a male, flight attendant a slim white guy with a British accent he was wearing a pair of tight pants which made his ass look round and inviting. Danjuma nervous of flying soon forgot about this, he now had hours to fill watching this cute white guy serve him drinks, call him Sir. Never had he been called Sir by a white guy before. His pants bulged as he wondered what the flight attendants ass would taste like, he imagined his tongue licking his white body. The attendant probably didn't notice the attentions of this hot sweaty black man drew-ling over him. He wondered when he would next feel the warm soft feeling on his cock inside of a guys ass. He had hunted black holes his whole life now his prey was a different animal, a smooth virgin white ass was his ultimate goal. He had always enjoyed fucking virgins sometimes using force to get his way.Fourteen days had gone by, it had rained most days very different from Nigeria's heat. Danjuma had never gone this long without fucking his seed, it was almost a week since he last cum. Frustration was setting in, the cum stored in his balls was giving him a testosterone overdose... he was on heat. That morning he had used a public convenience and noticed that someone had written on the wall Amuzement Arcade High St for rent boy sex. He would pay for sex.... wanting a virgin yes... that could wait for now he just needed to empty his balls. Neon lights the smell of damp carpet and the irritating noise of bells and pings engulfed his senses. His large black frame looked out of place in the slot machine palace, it was obvious that Danjuma had no idea how to play the slot machines. Most of the guys for rent where either drug users or runaways all mostly strait some with girlfriends. Giving there asses up for money was the only option they had. A scruffy looking white guy about 18yrs stood in the corner, he had red short hair, the kind of pale white skin you get with redheads he looked like he had never been in the sun. His eyes where green his complexion was a little spotty... teen skin. He approached Danjuma ' looking for anything'. Danjuma replied with a look towards the open door the two of them walked outside. A twenty pound fee was agreed on. The Kids name was Wayne he was a 18yr old, 5' 7, he had a habit for playing the slot machines, his life was dedicated to finding the money to play. His sometimes girl friend also slept with guys for money. Wayne only agreed to suck Danjuma cock. He didn't take dick.Wayne had sucked a hundred guys off before this was just another suck but his first time sucking a black guy, for Danjuma this was his first white guy. Back in his room Danjuma stood and pulled down his trousers his black balls felt heavy with cum. His cock head covered with foreskin quickly rolled back precum was oozing from his cock. Wayne response was Shit man that one big fucking cock, Although Wayne was nothing like the German Guy Danjuma had seen years before in the pool, he was instead lolita nude art archives rough and streetwise. He was also young and firm and white . Wayne faced this black cock he instantly got the smell of sweat urine loli cp links dark
and cum mixed. Although he was strait and this was for the money for some reason Wayne was getting arroused. Wayne's pink tongue and lips where licking the globules of precum dripping out of this huge dark shaft. This Black masculine African man was taken by this young gentle white guy giving him pleasure. Wayne was groaning with pleasure this time it was real and not just an act. Wayne felt different he felt protected and safe with Danjuma. He also felt a little bit of guilt because he was enjoying it. Danjuma asked Wayne to undress he'd never did this for his other customers, but this time he agreed. He pulled his t-shirt off and pants all that was left was his boxer shorts. Danjuma rubbed his cock over Wayne's face precum stuck to it in cum trails.Wayne's little cock was stiff, he hadn't fucked his girl for a few days so he was ready for a cum. Danjuma sat down on his couch Wayne stood in front of him with his back to Danjuma this gave Danjuma the green loli cp links dark
light to explore Wayne's ass. pulling down his Boxer shorts he uncovered a smooth hairless ass, next he pulled apart his ass cheeks his ass hole was small and tight un-used for entry. Danjuma quickly stood up an laid Wayne face down on the couch. Danjuma had licked many brown ass holes but never a pink hole. The tip of his tongue pushed slowly inside Waynes hole it tasted different from black hole more delicate in aroma and taste. His large full black lips sucked on this white bois hole it went from a pink colour to a red blush after what must have been 40 min of rimming sucking and licking. Next his long thick middle finger pushed deep inside him it felt warm and soft inside. Wayne's cock was rubbing into the couch... He pulled his finger out and pushed his tongue back in this time getting even deeper. Wayne pulling his own ass cheeks apart for Danjuma.Sitting back down Danjuma lifted lolita nymphet cp underage Wayne onto his cock facing each other Wayne slowly lowered himself down onto his massive brown cock head so much precum was cumming out no lube was needed... it hurt like hell. He was now ready to take this huge African lolita nymphet cp underage cock. Danjuma had the strength and power to lift Wayne up and down, he trust his large solid thighs making Wayne almost bounce on his large thick black shaft. Deeper and deeper he plowed into Wayne the raw cock mixing its fluids inside Wayne's ass with his. Wayne never Kissed his clients but he now found this thick tongue filling his open mouth, saliva dripping down between them and landing on Wayne's erect dick now. Wayne didn't know how much longer he could bare the pain. He begged him to cum. Danjuma felt the pressure of a weeks worth of cum pushing its way up his massive shaft he tried to prolong the fuck but after 30min inside Wayne he couldn't stop it any more. Wayne felt a sensation of cum shooting up inside him hot and thick... that very same moment his own small cock shot its load over Danjumas chest. Still Dajuma didn't pull out wanting the cum to linger inside mixing with Wayne's DNA, so much Sperm left Danjuma that it made Wayne's insides feel full. Finally pulling out he asked Wayne to lick his cock clean. Wayne now degraded and feeling like his whore he got down filled his mouth with his cock and sucked... no drop off cum wasted. The two climed into bed.. that night Wayne was breeded by this African 5 more times. Before Wayne left he pulled the Twenty pound note out of his pocket his payment.. he left it on the cum stained couch. He would be back for more African cock.Alan Barnes alan_x1xyahoo.co.ukI like your comments if you enjoy this story.

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